To know anything, we must go through a series of experiences that start with an opinion, to a belief and finally to justified knowledge. One can have an opinion about an event but cannot lay claim to certain knowledge unless that knowledge can be justified. This justification happens when it is tested and greater knowledge creates better certainty about it.
The Institute will is a research centre for exploring events and unexplained phenomena that will attempt to gain justified knowledge. The Institute gathers information about uncertain events, events that people have experienced but cannot justify. The Institute collects eyewitness testimonies, images, newspaper articles and other paraphernalia relating to various phenomena. These documents will be a mix of fact and fictional events blurring the boundaries between the known and unknowable.

The beaurocratic workings of the Institute form the basis of the work, e-mails, minutes of meetings and correspondence are included in the research. The existence of the Institute looks to create a sense of validity and official importance to the investigations, a sign of validation to the claims of people from across the globe.

The first investigation explores the existence of Bigfoot.

Commissioned by Scaffold Gallery for the exhibition The Great Unanswered Vol III in relation to the question How Can We Know Anything?

Full body of research can be seen at

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