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Rory Buckland

Artist, Film-maker, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Researcher

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        Artist Statement

        As beings with a conscious and subconscious aspect, symbols have the power to reveal subtle truths to us.

        I am fascinated in the idea that meaning has become embedded in our perception of particular objects and their images. So by accepting the power of symbols to shape our world view, I consciously utilise them as a tool for expression and learning. With them I make drawings, photomontage, collage and moving image works. Production of the work relies upon authoring as well as appropriating imagery. The new images produced from this process are rich in their symbolic meaning. I do this in a mixture of analogue, (physical materials) and digital, (produced on a computer).

        Because of this symbolism, each piece is like a jigsaw mystery. Whose parts must be understood to fully grasp their relevance as a whole. So this could be seen as an overview of my art practice. An attempt at developing consciousness in the world.

        But isn't this just a microcosm of life, the search for understanding?

        So in making my work this way I strive to present this attempt at understating to others who may wish to reciprocate.

        Because symbols give greater depth to the things we see around us; they make them act as pointers to immaterial and intangible states. Therefore, they are a way of understanding how, what and why we value; what we see, have and are – or maybe what we don't see, do not have and are not!

        Whether or not we choose to recognise it, symbols underpin everything we see, say and do. They have the potential to exert influence upon us. They are the foundation of our material perception.

        CV & Education


        1999–2000: Computer generated imagery & animation; Media Forge Training

        1992–1995: B.A (Hons) Fine Art 2.1; B.I.A.D Birmingham City University

        1991–1992: Unit 1 Exhibition Design; Hastings College of Art & Technology

        1988–1990: H.N.C Building Studies (architecture); Brighton polytechnic


        Solo Exhibitions

        2018: Symbolic Intervention – Madeinroath – St. Martins Church – Roath - Cardiff (October)

        2017: This is Culture – Showcase Gallery – Southampton (solo show May/June)

        2003: Landscape - For Coffee - The Custard Factory - Birmingham (solo photography show June)

        2003: Landscape - The Rock Face - Birmingham (solo photography show Mar/Feb)


        Group Exhibitions

        2018: Radical Social Practice – Fringe Arts Bath – Bath (May/June)

        2017: Go Wild In The Country – Bruton Art Factory – Bruton (June/July)

        2016: Pride of Place – East Street - Southampton (November)

        2015: The Portrait - Marburae Gallery - Macclesfield (February)

        2012: Summer Exhibition - The Public – West Bromwich (Aug/Sept)

        2002: Rhubarb Rhubarb - Custard Factory - Birmingham (July/August)

        1997: Bind - The Arbor gallery - Derby (November)

        1997: Unique too - Millais gallery - Southampton (May)

        1997: Unique 49 - Vyse St - Birmingham (February)

        1997: Seedless - Hotsuka cultural centre – Tokyo - Japan (February)

        1996: Vexy - Birmingham City University - Birmingham (November)

        1996: Displacement - Bond gallery - Birmingham (October)


        Grant Awards

        2018: Madeinroath production grant.

        2015: AA2AC Artist bursary.



        2015/16: Artist in Residence Southampton Solent University.


        Private Collections

        Birmingham ,West Midlands

        Horsham, West Sussex

        Tarring Neville, East Sussex.


        Teaching and Workshops

        I hold training certificates in ‘Prevent for Practitioners’ and ‘Safeguarding’

        Various dates since 2008:

        • Cardiff & Vale Heath Charity

        • Devising and delivering art workshops in professional health settings in the Cardiff region.

        • Arts Active Trust

        • Devising and delivering art workshops for young people in the Cardiff region.

        • Madeinroath

        • Workshop exploring the mind through writing and discussion around symbolic collage / photomontage.

        • Cardiff Metropolitan University Cardiff Open Art School

        • Devising and delivering open access art courses in theory, contextualisation and production of lens based media.

        • Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design FabLab

        • Technical specialist; demonstrating and teaching use of equipment at FabLab.

        • Workers Education Association

        • Devising and running community based education on the practice and critical theory of photography.

        • AA2AC Engage University Presentation: Life After Art School

        • PowerPoint lecture to students on life as a creative professional, and the opportunities to earn income.

        • Southampton Solent University

        • Process and contextualisation tutorials for second year students

        • Informal advice regarding contextualisation to first and second year students.

        • Hope and Homes for Children charity:10 week Digital Photography and creativity workshop;

        • Effects of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera modes; Lenses; Zoom / focal length / Macro, Lighting, flash etc., Composition / cropping rule of thirds/ golden section; Autofocus + focus point; Metering including exposure compensation; Histograms; White balance. Lightroom processing software; Brief introduction to Adobe Photoshop.

        • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery’s Big Picture project and Birmingham Museum’s Collection Centre: Ways of seeing and making the most of your camera;

        • Basic & intermediate camera settings and an overview of their effect on pictures.

        • Finding new ways seeing & considering the effects of angles, available light, using flash, micro, macro, shutter speeds, depth of field, filters etc.

        • Reviewing attendees work individually and in a group scenario to help them understand and examine their decision making processes and providing constructive student feedback.


        • 1997: Visiting lecturer, Southampton University;

        • Lecture/presentation to students on life as a creative professional, how to develop work, set up projects & exhibitions, market work, approach commissioners/ galleries.

        • Tutorials with students to give feedback and guidance on how to present work.

        Art Practice and Freelance Work


        Visual Arts Practice

        • Researching areas of interest; consciousness, psyche, states of perception.

        • Production of art work for exhibition, commission, residency and sales.

        • Education as artist workshops in community and formal settings.

        • All formats of analogue and digital capture, including moving image.

        • Post-production editing, processing and grading files and retouching as required using Adobe and Linux based software.


        1998-2001: Visual Arts Advisor, West Midlands Arts

        • Visiting regional arts venues to assess exhibitions and writing assessment reports.