Location: Creekside Projects - Fuel Tank, 8-12 Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 3DX.

Labour Exchange at Creekside Projects is an exhibition for Art Licks Weekend 2018 showcasing the work of 10 emerging artists who worked as labourers on the construction of Creekside Artists’ new studios and project space in Deptford. PV 4th October 6-9pm exhibition runs Friday to Sunday 12-6pm.

Creekside Artists are an artist-run, not-for-profit studio provider in South London, established since 2000. During a sudden period of flux this summer the arts organisation made the bold decision to utilise the skills from within their own artist networks to enable the studio charity to relocate to a more secure tenancy on Creekside Deptford. The decision to pool skills was an obvious but essential survival strategy, and one that most artists and arts organisations existing outside of the commercial art market are now forced to adopt. The act of spending the limited finances available on employing young artists to work on the building project instead of commercial traders was not only an economic necessity but one that was hoped to offer a genuine opportunity to build on skills learned at art school and develop constructive relationships in the Deptford art community.

10 days, 400 lengths of timber, 150 sheets of plasterboard and many overloaded vans later; Creekside Artists are now re-established back in Creekside Deptford and are pleased to be launching Creekside Projects – an accompanying exhibition space that will become the hub of the studios, and further add to the thriving art community in the area.

Labour Exchange is an exhibition that celebrates generosity. As the gallery platform is offered as an exchange for the exhibitors’ time and hard work they contributed to build it. In name, referencing the job agency as an organization to help the unemployed find work, whilst playing on the old (and false) cliché that ‘artist’s sign on’. Labour Exchange as an exhibition is a deliberate show of gratitude to the emerging artists exhibiting.

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