Installation as part of City Stories, at Mission Gallery. Artists: Tom Banks, Derek Bainton, Michelle Conway, Laura Edmunds, Catrin Llwyd, Rhiannon Lowe, Matthew Otten, Jonathan Powell, Philip Watkins, Jonathan Williams

My text: I see you everywhere. I even miss you. I’m built, made, reconstructed. You were much more of a natural. Take a run up, you said, get ready, get fucking ready. My head, my body; man made. This mess; come and see. I’m to blame, who else. But you’re in all of this with me, up to my neck, in through my stomach, down and out my under-neaths. I didn’t ask for much, but your make up wasn’t up to it. You had the last word. You won out. I’m for the birds. It’s always been in your mind, doll. Mine, I mean. An awkward fit, me, you, this.