In 2005 I played the role of the librarian in conceptual artist, Roald Max Vollmer's installation "Die B├╝cherstube des Dr. R.M.V. / The Cabinet of Dr. R.M.V", which was part of "Co-ordinates" exhibition at Saltaire near Bradford. I love the poetic parallels with my work in an art college library and the way the systems we use are gently subverted. Our systems are intended to help readers find books, but they can also close off so many qualities of other books they may be seeking. Max's library and his classification system will help you to find books by subject and title, culture and language... also by colour, shape, touch and smell.

"A small semi-private, multi-lingual literature/art/science library with a librarian and a computerised catalogue...

Common to all libraries, those who enter the space are participating in a ritual: Visitors are asked to join upon which they are issued with a membership card and white gloves to wear as a visible sign of membership".

Roald Max Vollmer