This piece in particular explores the effects and control on the aftermath of breast cancer. A purposeful play on asymmetry and 'framing' of an experience. I was inspired by the similarities between the punching needle into the skin to create a tattoo and drawing similarities with that of embroidery. The removed breast on her left is now presented within an embroidery hoop and across the seam/scar a vintage embroidery cutout is stitched.

Like many of my other works I use tights and slimming wear in flesh tones. I became fascinated with the body and skin in 2012 when I came close to having a gastric bypass to normalise my own body. Since then I have explored the relationship of the skin - our concealing veils. Women's bodies are often defined by their surface, they must be slim, blemish free, smooth, flawless and hair free. So we are sold these materials to create a more perfect surface, to smooth us and create a preferable skin tone. These pseudo skins present so much for me to work with and I really enjoy the manipulation you can have with them. However, there is only so much input you can have with the fabric and objects I work with as they have their own language and behaviour, which you cannot force too much.

My terse constructions are in no way simple, they offer a lot to the viewer and are very accessible and with layers to mine. Many are quite affecting and it offers a way into the subject matter without being too confrontational.

Part of 'Storm in a B Cup' body of work which had a solo exhibition in May, 2017 in Exeter UK. The exhibition brings to play both humorous and serious tones to explore the complex story of breasts.