Upon a sheet of insipid calico fabric are a series of machine embroidered stretch marks that mimic the area of the abdomen. This singular 'body', referencing a flayed skin, is transmuted from its two-dimensional status into a sculptural piece by the piercing of a fishing hook, line and weight into what would be the belly button area and creates an affective potential with the viewer of the artwork.

This artwork is from an arts based research project, the skin as a repository, in which the fat female skin is explored for its materiality and a container of history marked upon the body. It was made possible by an equality and diversity grant awarded by Plymouth University and was given as a paper and poster presentation to a series of conferences in the UK, 2013.

  • Dimensions: 106 x 170 x 5 cm
  • Artforms: Textiles
  • Tags: embroidery, fat, obesity, Sculpture, skin, stretch marks