Initially created as a crowdfunding campaign reward to put on the "Storm in a B Cup" exhibition as part of Art Week Exeter 2017. You will receive a pack of five postcards, the colouring book and a tote bag with the W is for Words image on the front.

"A Story of Breasts: A to Z adult colouring book" is aimed at an adult audience with an open mind and a sense of humour. Breasts present a complex and multifaceted story and through this book I hope to touch on some of those areas. Consider it like a visual essay, with each image presenting its chapter within a wider narrative. You will also be supporting Breast Cancer Care as 10% of all book sales will be donated directly to the charity.

Image contents:

A is for St Agatha
B is for breastfeeding
C is for cancer
D is for milk ducts
E is for enlargement
F is for Free the Nipple
G is for gravity
H is for handful
I is for invention
J is for jogging partners
K is for Kim Kardashian
L is for little-uns
M is for mastectomy tattoo
N is for nudity?
O is for objectification
P is for pearl necklace
Q is for Queen has tits
R is for reduction
S is for self-examination
T is for nipple tassels
U is for underwired bras
V is for vintage
W is for words
X is for X-Videos
Y is for YouTube
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