Approved: 07.03.2007

Rachel Magdeburg

Artist, Writer

Approved: 07.03.2007
  • Location: Gateshead, North East
  • Contexts: Project
  • Artforms: Installation, Painting, Sculpture
  • Tags: enamel, environment, climate change, geology, planet, process, reflective, globe, contemporary painting, seismic, sculpture




I am only showing on this site at the moment the painting aspect of my visual arts practice, although I do use other media (text, video, sculpture, sound, photography). 

I am interested in the language of painting, formally and conceptually, the relationship between words and images, and how popular culture, consumer products and advertising relate and also jar with so-called 'high' art.

My paints are usually from hardware stores, such as enamel, gloss and spray paints. I am interested in the process of making a painting. The technique, errors, mistakes and mishaps allow me to consider the roles of chance, rework and failure in my practice.

I explore the surface, representation of paint and through paint, illusion, mimcry and fluidity of the substance.

I use pure paint as a medium in itself, sometimes collaged on top of a support and sometimes without a support. The paint has been poured onto one surface, dried and then peeled off, and applied to another, more recently wood. These brush-less, poured paint pieces are usually in the form of a drip, drop/spot or dribble and splash, and are arranged on a support in a pattern.

Still Lifes: Jerome et Sylvie, acrylic gloss paint, ongoing series

Poured acrylic gloss paint into plastic vacuum packaging, either found, or given by others after purchasing consumer products. Once the paint dries it is removed from the mould, leaving a pure paint cast. This references the still life in art history, the theory of painting and consumer packaging. Based on the cravings for material goods in George Perec’s 1965 novel ‘Things: A Story of the Sixties.’


CV & Education


MA Fine Art, Norwich University College of the Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Exeter School of Art, University of Plymouth



Joya: arte + ecología, Almeria, Spain, 2016

AA2A, Northumbria University, 2014-2015

East Street Arts, Leeds, Fully Funded, 2014



Newcastle University, Schl of Architecture, Planning & Landscape; Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild, 2015



Descriptive Touring Research Trip, Camden Arts Centre, BALTIC funded, 2015

56th Venice Biennale Writing Commission, a-n The Artist’s Information Company, 2015

Robert Breer, CAPC, Musee d'Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, BALTIC funded, 2010



The Sunderland Art Prize, Departure Foundation, Prize Winner, 2012

New Lights Painting Prize, Mercer Gallery, 2013




Corrupted Files, Ravensbourne Journal, publication due Autumn 2015



Artist Talk, Guest Lecture Programme, Northumbria University, 2015

Great North Museum: Hancock, Natural History Society of Northumbria, 2015

Artist Talk & Bird Watching Walk, Harewood House, West Yorkshire, 2014

Contemporary Art Society, North East, 2010



Prison Breaks presents ‘The Artistic Mediums,’ Heritage Open Days, 2015

Prison Breaks, Heritage Open Days, 2014

Fondant, The Late Shows, Newcastle, 2015

37 pieces of Flair, The NewBridge Project, 2014

Les Cassettes; NewBridge Books, 2014

Volume Book Fair, Library of Birmingham, Curated by Capsule, 2013

Outing Ageing, Holy Biscuit, 2013

Balsall Heath Biennale, Birmingham, 2013

Reuse Aloud, The NewBridge Project &, 2013

Temporary Worlds, 17 Claypath Contemporary Art Space, Durham, 2012

Advent, Holy Biscuit, 2011

Whichever way, broadcast live on Resonance Radio 104.4fm, 2011

Dust on the Ground, Sanctuary Artspace, Gateshead, 2011

The Buitenwerkplaats Polder, Research Project, Netherlands, 2011