I've been beavering away to create two sets of Other Ways to Walk cards. They're due back from the printers any time soon and I CAN"T WAIT to see them.

Whether you are walking for escape, solitude, fitness, slowness, happiness or fresh air, Other Ways to Walk cards add a twist of surprise to your journey.

Other ways to walk is a project by artist Rachel Howfield Massey, who loves walking and loves finding ways to get a bit closer to the place she is walking – forest immersion training, mindfulness, natural navigation and a healthy imagination are some of the ways she does this. We really hope Other Ways to Walk cards will inspire you to have your own discoveries, and turn every walk into an adventure.

The text an artwork were created by Rachel Howfield Massey, then beautifully and artfully designed and by Eleven Design, who turned scruffy scraps of paper into things of beauty. thanks also go to Kirklees Council who supported the development of Other Ways to Walk in Formal Parks, and Other Ways to Walk in Woodland.