Approved: 16.09.2013



Approved: 16.09.2013

Painting is a combinatory and blending system modified and diversified by edition. 

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    Artist Statement

    Painting is a combinatory and blending system modified and diversified by edition. 

    New forms assemble as ricochets deviate laterally from impacted paint stacks.  Smothered in slimy paint, the volatile architecture ripples then fractures and splays across lurid gloss surfaces. Peels of paint reveal expanses of engineered iridescence, repeated then inverted until gestural machine structure accumulates alternating contrast.  Autocatalytic velocities default to infinite variation as aerosol dispensers punctuate chromatic junk.  The spoilt paint unravels, or congeals, or disperses across finely calibrated terrain threaded through the faceted surfaces of future games and internal storage. Multiple metallic painterly procedures navigate dirty systems, whilst misaligned geometries are saturated in arbitrary colour, always partially obliterated by inaccuracy and programmed errors.  Focused high fidelity tech noir blends with high resolution deselected synthetic content.  Paused paintings and on off paintings paused.  A double compression.  An accretion of complexity and possibility.  Amplified and endless.

    playpaint make paintings to make paintings. 


    CV & Education

    Solo exhibitions 



    Amplifier (part three)   Flat 3, 25 Brondesbury Road,  London  2014

    Amplifier (part two)   New Peeking Inn, 9 Milroy Walk, London  2011

    Amplifier (part one)   318 Old Street, London  2011


    Group exhibitions 


    This Years Model   Studio1.1 London 2015

    Paint Like You Mean It   Interviewroom 11, Edinburgh  2014

    Upstairs at the Marksman   Marksman, London  2014

    Future Postcards   Oriel Davis Gallery, Newton, Wales  2013

    Photo & Print Open Salon 2013   Charlie Dutton Gallery,  London   2013

    Marmite Prize IV   GSA Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow, Ruskin Gallery Cambridge, Plymouth Collage of Art Gallery, The Drawing Room London  2013

    An Elixir of Photons   63 Charlotte Street, London  2013

    The Beast in the Cellar   Canonbury Arts London  2013

    Motorcade / Flash Parade National Open   Motorcade / Flash Parade, Bristol  2012

    Marmite Prize IV   Central Art Gallery, Tameside  2012

    Playlist_Peeking In   New Peeking Inn, 9 Milroy Walk, London  2011


    playpaint is a collaboration between two artists, Damian Nelson and Michael Gittings. They are based in London and began producing paintings together in 2008