Subject to Normality is an exploration into 40 experiments undertaken in reference to the uncertain times we find ourselves in.
The involvement of human touch means the photographer moves from being passive to the image, to being an active participant in the photograph, contextualising lived experience into a medium usually limited only by its capacity to record a moment. ??Questioning domesticity in the everyday and the repetition of regular tasks, Subject to Normality examines the impact these processes have on the self during quarantine. Through the pages we delve into notion of the unknown through forty distinct experiments. The viewer is invited to share in internal conversations and thoughts, creating a conversation between the order and chaos that is being reflected upon.

Fear merges written and photographic objects which offer a more personalised insight into the artists vision. She is selective in this process and is in control of what she reveals and what remains hidden to the viewer. Playing with revised definitions of the English language she is able to provide a sense of humour and honesty to a more nuanced lexicon.