‘Seat’ is a new work for Pannett Art Gallery (summer 2016) commissioned by Arts & Hertiage for Meeting Point.

‘Seat’ is an installation for the main gallery that reflects the dual purpose of this beautiful space and its role in the history and governance of Whitby.

Unusually the main gallery not only hosts temporary exhibitions, but also Whitby Town Council meetings. This dual function reflects the interests and commitments of its founder Robert Elliott Pannett who was a keen art collector and Alderman of Whitby.

For the duration of the exhibition, the gallery will be set up as a town council meeting using chairs loaned by Whitby residents. This participatory act references a historical precedent when the people of Whitby gave seating after Pannett’s death in 1928 in order to see the Pannett Park’s completion.

‘Seat’ references this duality of the main gallery space as not only a place to sit and contemplate works for art, but also the seat of local government.

'Seat' is accompanied by a full colour publication produced by Wild Pansy Press (ISBN 978 | 900687 65 2 with texts by Helen Berry, Judith King and Pippa Hale. Copies are available from Pannett Art Gallery, Whitby.