Approved: 08.09.2016

Pippa Eason


Approved: 08.09.2016
  • Location: Leeds, Yorkshire






      Pippa Eason’s work makes observations of the abstraction/perception of nature, the tangible, the everyday, and considers it within the accelerating art world. They act as props for the near fictional imagery displayed often through a screen, they come to life, crumbling from the cocoon of reality, into the pixel generated sub-human culture. The use of symbols for example: dollar signs, cacti, chains, written word, and so on articulate the separation of art in life, against art on screen. These multi layered objects, or digital works serve as a signifier for the aesthetics of contemporary commerce, and viewing. Those aesthetics are then translated into the cyber world, reiterating itself over and over again. Pippa’s work is often installed intimately into a space, making the space intrinsic to much of her practice.  

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      CV & Education

      Selected group exhibitions-


      Follies of Youth’.  Performance, ‘Abandonment’ - December 2013, The Majestic, Leeds.


       ‘De-CON-Struction’ - 13th November 2015, Duke Street, Liverpool


      Work-In-Progress’, - March 12th 2015. Birds Yard, Kirkgate, Leeds.


      ‘7 Second Tour’ – in association with Basement Arts Project, December 2015. Opening for publication at Leeds Art Gallery.


      About Time’ - project with Pavilion in January 2016. Featured video. The Brunswick, Leeds.


      Threshold Festival Liverpool. ‘TPA X MUESLI Projects’, at Funf in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool for Threshold festival, April 1st-3rd  2016.


      ‘Penny Idol$’, with Emily Tomasso on the 8th of April 2016, Aire Place studios, Leeds.  – We did a talk at the Hepworth Wakefield, for SPUR about this project.


      ‘Exaggerated Ideals’ 14th April 2016, LS6 Café, Leeds.


      ‘Planetine’, 4th of May 2016, The Corn Exchange, Leeds.


      A Message out of The Big Blue’, June 2016, for Another Vacant Space, Berlin


      ‘Penny Idol$ at White Cloth’ 26th July 2016, collaborative exhibition with Emily Tomasso, Whitecloth Gallery, Leeds.


      Group Show 1: Taction’ September 2016, Serf, Leeds.


      ‘Glitter is not Gold’ 2016 for Four Words: MARKET, curated by Alan Dunn, Leeds Kirkgate market. 


      Isthisit? ‘Its Only Romantic on The Internet’ 2016 featured online feature on www.isthisit?.com


      ‘Isthisit? AFK’ November, 2016, New Cross, London


      Featured on Axis Web’s ‘Five2Watch’


      An Evening With isthisit? December 2016, Suffolk


      FILLA, collaboration with Nick Booton, January 2017, Lamberts Yard, Leeds


      Solo exhibitions-


      ‘A Room Of Things’ - Solo exhibition, April 2014, Melbourne Street Leeds.


      Response to Flash Show, Show’ - December 2014, Kirkgate, Leeds.


      ‘The Vitrines: Pippa Eason’ –Solo exhibition curated by William Clarke, 5th March 2016, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds.


      ‘Set In Stone’ 14th October, 2016, residency at Basement Arts Project, Leeds.


      Residencies and Internships-


      Internship for ‘Filming Sculpture’  May/June 2016, The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.


      Doremifasolasido’ Residency August 2016, Florence Arts Centre, Cumbria.




      Collaboration with Ellie Hoskins at The Trophy Room, Liverpool.


      Collaboration with Joseph Cotgrave at serf, Leeds.




      Art In Liverpool- - By Ian Jackson


      Art In Liverpool -  - By Patrick Kirk-Smith


      Corridor8- - By Lara Eggleton