This paintings is part of a monthly series documenting the rewilding of a patch of turf.

The studies are painted with a single pigment made from the soil around the plants, which is mixed with linseed oil to make oil paint. The heavy textural quality of the finished work creates an interesting visual link between observation and touch.

There is an analytical and geometric approach that links to my interest in Science, measurement, observation, sustainability, evolution and ecology.

Art historical aspects relate to Durer's still life "the Turf' and Rembrandt's ideas around the spirituality of brown.

Philosophical aspects draw on the importance of the processes and purpose in painting. Whilst a self effacing focus on nature and its most humble materials links to deanthropocentralisation and an interest in the overlooked. Themes that are found in in Budhism and the writings of Karen Barad, Susan Blackmore, Jane Bennett among others.

Lastly, the latent potential of earth mirrors the infinite possibilities of painting.

“Life comes from earth. Life returns to earth.” Quote from 4 Century BC Chinese Taoist Philosopher ZhangZou.

N.B. All works in Turf series (5 months) can be bought as a set at a discount.