Location: New Art Projects

NEW ART PROJECTS are delighted to announce Permindar Kaur’s first major SOLO exhibition in London since the inclusion of her work in ‘At Home with Art’ at Tate in 2000.

Permindar Kaur’s work investigates integration and belonging, particularly cultural identity and childhood. Through the exploration of adaption, mimicry and mirroring, she examines different strategies of integration and assimilation. She aims to challenge cultural constraints, acceptability and the rejection of difference. A running theme throughout all the work has been protection and defence. Whether through the use of armour, daggers or claws, any method of defence is limited and self-defeating. Soft fabric figures wearing armour/ claws hang limply unstuffed, unable to fight or shield themselves.

In the most recent work from ‘Interlopers’ 2016, (University of Hertfordshire, UK), a large number of the artists’ hand crafted teddy bears took over the gallery space.

Kaur often uses the teddy bears in her work not as toys but as more reflections on the present. Their identity is unclear but they are enticing frightening and seductive and en mass they are unnerving.

She often combines extremely contrasting materials in her work, the softness of fabric and the aggressively sharp points of jagged metal. She alters everyday objects confusing the viewer, leaving them wondering if they are playful or dangerous.