Approved: 17.11.2012

Permindar Kaur


Approved: 17.11.2012




    My work is playful using childlike forms to explore issues around instability. I do this through simple means.  I often limit myself to using two opposing materials, such as copper and fabric, to construct furniture and figures. 

    The objects I make are based on everyday items. I like to distort the geometries of these forms to make uneasy and unnerving installations.  Chairs, tables and beds are no longer safe or comfortable places but border on the dangerous and inhospitable. The sculptures have their own identities, vulnerabilities and strengths. There is a tension between a desire to comfort and wariness.  Whilst the objects are recognizable they are also removed from reality.

    CV & Education

    Solo exhibitions include Hiding Out, Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham Lakeside Arts (2014); Untitled, Berwick Gymnasium Art Gallery, Berwick (1999); Comfort of Little Places, Aspex, Portsmouth (1998) and Cold Comfort, Ikon Gallery, Bimingham, Mead Gallery, Coventry (1996). Major group exhibitions include A Vision of Utopia, Spirella Building, Letchworth (2014), What’s Going On? Usher Gallery, Lincoln (2013); Spoilt Rotten: Young Curators, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Wales (2005); At Home with Art, Tate, London and touring (2000); Hot Air, Granship, Shizouka Arts Centre, Japan (1999); Pictura Britannica, Art from Britain, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia (1997); British Art Show 4, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff (1995).