Location: Art MoorHouse, 120 London Wall London EC2Y 5ET

I have been invited by Stefanie Bergot of arTbridge (www.artbridge.biz) to take part in a group exhibition at Art Moorhouse (www.artmoorhouse.com) the theme of the exhibition is Space :

"This year's theme was selected to offer deliberately a vast range of possibilities embracing subjects as diverse as cyberspace and the environment.

Whilst being timely we (Art Moorhouse) wanted to select a topic that reflected a cultural shift that is happening now or that it’s about to happen.

From the space we work or live in, to the new concept of space as the required distance between us, or from the importance of shapes in defining space to the abstract idea of it. Our aim is to explore its concept through the very unique point of view of each of the artists or the projects selected."

I will be exhibiting just one painting :

Title :
Think not for whom the ice melts, it melts for everyone.

When the astronauts encircling the moon took the photo of the earth, the isolation and fragility of our world was visible to all. Our world, a spot of dust in the vast, overwhelming and never ending universe, is so insignificant and yet so precious – never in the face of so much is so little so great.

The planet is several billion years old but our species has only existed for a few million, a few seconds in the time of the world’s life. In a few nano seconds we could completely alter/destroy the climate, homo sapiens are the worst virus ever to inhabit the planet, we are rapidly taking the pace out of our space.

Think not for whom the ice melts, it melts for everyone.

Date : 2022
Technique : Oil on canvas on aluminium
Size :113 x 68 cm

To book an appointment to see the exhibition please contact [email protected] .biz. Guided tours take place sporadically and information about the tours can be obtained from arTbridge. The exhibition is being prolonged from mid December 2022 until 28th February 2023

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