Location: Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Little Elborow Street, Rugby CV21 3BZ

This extraordinary exhibition seeks to challenge society’s consumerism and its impact on the environment. Through the transformation of waste and natural resources artists Pamela Schilderman and Hayley Harrison will seek to engage conversations around the climate crisis and our use of materials.
The works will form part of an illusionary world with a fairy tale appearance and include workshops, talks, a live installation and an animation.
Pamela’s work is strongly influenced by science and nature and the way that humble everyday objects can be transformed into something spectacular and beautiful. Hayley focuses on taking the debris of consumerism or found organic materials and re-appropriates and reconfigures them into new structures.
Through this transformation of materials the artists want the viewer to consider humanity’s resources, their significance and impact on our world and encourage us to re-think what it is we value – nature or consumerism?

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