A form loosely resembling an apron is attached to the wall by means of four drawing pins. Two pockets made from handkerchiefs are stitched to the front of the apron, and another handkerchief made into a rolled shape is loosely stitched between the two pockets so that it hangs in a loop. Three rectangles of black fabric are appliqu├ęd to the front of the apron. The left of the two lower straps of the apron is made of curtain-tape; the right is made from a tape measure. The two shoulder straps of the apron are also made of tape measures. These continue from the top edge of the apron and end at the junction of wall and ceiling, and are carefully truncated to give the impression of continuing indefinitely beyond. The shoulder straps and therefore the height of the piece are variable according to the height of the exhibition space. Standard length tape measures, one hundred and fifty-two centimetres, with metal ends removed, are glued together end to end to the required length.