For Sun Shadow#4 I used a pencil rather than the lumber crayon that was used in previous Shadows. The fragility of a pencil line corresponded to the nature and quality of the sunlight that day. Some clouds were in the sky which gave the light a softer edge and the pencil allowed me to wander the surface of the wall whilst the light constantly faded, in anticipation of the light's reappearance.

I began this drawing in the knowledge that the Pumphouse was to be demolished in two days time. Literally, after my last documentary photograph the bulldozer rolled up to the door. That night I saw fragments of this Shadow as I picked at the rubble, thinking that I could perhaps piece it back together again.

  • Dimensions: 800 x 25cm
  • Artforms: Drawing
  • Tags: Bodily alignments, Celestial bodies, dance, Intervention, orbitting, Tropism