The Sun Shadow series began in 1998 in response to an often cloudless sky during a residency in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. These works trace the movement of sunlight as it traverses the surface of a room. Some were drawn in the course of a day, while others were created over several days. The sunlight enters the spaces mainly through windows which subsequently determined the form of each drawing.

Each shadow consists of a single line with the crayon or pencil only leaving the surface upon breaking or in need of sharpening. On days when the light was constant and intense I responded with a strong line, reflecting the hard edge of sunlight. While on days when the sky is broken by cloud I adopted a much softer approach to my drawing where my line would become more searching and wandered the surface in its attempt to define the cusp between light and shade.

This Sun Shadow was made over four days in early October 1998. Each day's drawing began around 7.30am when the first traces of sunlight would emerge on the west wall which filtered through from an east side window. The light traveled the length of the room as the sun orbited the building, until its disappearance at 12.25pm, signaling the end of five hours of continuous drawing.

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  • Dimensions: 1300 x 250cm
  • Artforms: Drawing
  • Tags: bodily alignments, Celestial bodies, Intervention, orbitting, tropism