The work is looking at entanglement and the embedding of old knowledge into new concepts creating new systems with which to view the future. The flow of ideas back and forth into the past, through the present into the future weaving new stories. The entwining of technology with historical wisdom and practises can be seen in the work. It looks at the resilience of plants and what can be learnt from this. Nature is adaptable with the ability to react and survive changing environments, plants have evolved to reflect their environment: setting seed when the winter comes, lying dormant until the conditions are right. Past knowledge that has been forgotten, ignored or is unheard comes into the work. The instinctual, symbiotic relationship people once experienced with plants and nature is investigated in the work.
The work is considering our environment and where humans reside within it. It is looking at the impact that humans make on their surroundings and the interplay between the natural world and people. It considers the impact both of these elements have on each other. The work is looking at how humans have developed a deep and longstanding, interlocking relationship with the Earth and how people and their inventions cannot survive without the natural world.