Nigel Tooby will be raising awareness with Eye Spy exhibit at GEM, Incommunities Housing Association, Bradford supported by Gentoo Group and David John Tovey.

The Homelessness GEM Shack (Graduate Employment Mentoring) we will be delivering in Bradford on 8 December, 2016 for graduates participating in the GEM Programme. The GEM Programme runs for twelve months and is delivered by the Centre for Partnership, part of the Incommunities Group based in Bradford. GEM is for graduates beginning careers in social housing and it is vital they understand and connect strongly with the significance of homelessness from the earliest stage in the programme. Nigel Tooby, SOTS artist in residence, will be discussing making his SOTS exhibition available to the GEMs.

The GEM, Graduate Employment Mentoring Programme has been engaging graduate potential since 2009 in Housing, Built Environment and Community sectors.
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