Nigel Bird

Artist, Maker

Approved: 23.09.2007

CONCEPTS Much of my work originates from Landscape and the natural environment. My recent work is as much to do with the process of making as it is about I see, hear, smell, taste, feel or touch. The content of my work is in the form, is in the nature of making. I do not use colours; instead I rely upon using the raw innate colour of black pastel, charcoal, Indian ink carbon deposits and cold water. Gratefully graphic, the nature of the stimulus informs the method of making. INLUENCES Principals of Wabi Sabi. Spaces; open and vast, the sounds of the natural environment.; of weather. Landscapes; surfaces naturally corroded and eroded. Flowing water; reflections, rhythms and sounds. The Sun; heat and wind. Fires; I saw bushfires in Australia lit by the indigenous peoples of the Northern Territories; the smell and shapes of the smoke; the shapes and forms of the ash left behind. Foot prints made by animal and human. Art by Eduardo Chilada (Eulogy to the Horizon), Richard Serra, Ad Reinhardt, David Nash, Frank Stella, Carl Andre, Nevile Gabie, John Carter, John Virtue and the Papunya Tula Group of Artists of Central and Western Australia Aspects of Archaeology and Architecture. Oscar Schlemmer`s Triadic Ballet. That is not nearly enough for some, they want to see the visual equivalent to the meaning of life!

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