Location: Nottingham Contemporary

I know small things. I let time go slow. Preserving a record – wearing it – bent bodied

Hawthorn. Curlew. Catherine. A Milk Bowl. Greg (gritstone). An ensemble of musicians, vocalists, and sound-emitting sculptures perform five perspectives on landscape, history, and the process of excavation, articulating the out of sight and out of time.

Sherds is a new performance which inhabits the parameters of a six-week archaeological field school in a silage meadow during the unusually hot summer of 2018. The five verses unearth, reassemble, and form anew from passing conversations, local news, and the rhythms of the dig, incorporating energy production, moorland nesting sites, ceramic sherds, early modern melody, and geological vibrations. The piece combines text, improvisation, field recordings and newly composed music.

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