Encounter is a new solo exhibition from artist Naomi Harwin, and Wysing Arts Centre's first presentation as part of a new programme strand, Test Space, which provides a public platform for Wysing's studio artists to test out new ideas and directions.

Harwin continues her recent investigations into materiality and form to create an ambitious, immersive installation.

Repurposing collaging techniques for a 3D environment, Encounter employs abstracted photographs, drawings sculptures, videos and lighting making up multi-layered perspectives reminiscent of theatrical stage design.

Drawing on an interest in the mutability of objects and materials, Harwin translates and retranslates a source object into something entirely new, in this exhibition she presents a series of objects with ambiguous sources, referencing machine-made and corporeal forms in a deceptive interplay of line and form, surface and object.

Photos: Wilf Speller