Location: Lobomirov / Angus Hughes

Curated by Miranda Boulton and Suzanne Holtom

Miranda Boulton / Róisín Fogarty / Suzanne Holtom / Gareth Kemp / Enzo Marra / Lexi Strauss

26 Lower Clapton Rd
London, E5 0PD
+44 208 9850450

Private View: Friday 14 April 6-9pm Exhibition Continues: 15 - 7 May 2017
Artists Talk: Sunday 7 May 2-3pm Friday to Sunday 12-6pm, or by appointment

Paintings are viewed in a moment and then slowly unfold along different timelines as we
continue to look and before they are hung in our memories. When viewing a moving image or reading a book there is a chronological time frame, however, in painting, looking can fold in on itself and back out; layers of meaning are accrued whilst looking at looking.

Ideas of the temporal in ‘Storyboard’ might be in Boulton’s atmospheric floral paintings, where she invites you to follow a visceral line which, when untangled, suggests figuration but does not describe specific form. Fogarty’s paintings play around with the formalities of form, colour and pattern but often subvert representational expectations. Holtom excavates the canvas itself, pulling threads from their woven grid and encouraging them to recline in organic coils, which suggest living forms in the painting. Kemp’s fictional landscapes leave narrative clues through his use of repetition and motifs, whilst blurring foreground and background. Marra uses looking as his subject in a loose, impasto style and Strauss uses varied timelines to tell her stories. Her paintings operate between both the still space of the gallery and a structured, moving, speaking layer, which unfolds within a sequential timeline.

All the work in ‘Storyboard’ plays with ideas about how paintings are interpreted by the viewer in time and space, whilst acknowledging the open-ended field of contemporary painting.