Location: Antwerp Mansion, Manchester

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Get It Done presents: Please Press Pause and Try Again Later
On 2nd October 2018 we put on our first Mansion night, an arts wonderland jam packed into the iconic crumbling Antwerp Mansion.

In our own DIY style, and with amazing co-operation from Manchester's latest hot talents, we staged a festival of activities. Downstairs was transformed with some of our most admired visual artists, responding to what it means to pause and resume after the long hot summer. Upstairs however, we had a programme of exciting events going on; with performances, live art, comedy, spoken word, experimental music, even a meditation workshop. The upstairs was remade from it's decaying classic Antwerp Mansion status, to a wondrous arena of goings-on, created with draped curtains, sofas and cushions, and a hell of a lot of lamps.

Check the link for more information on the evening.