“When Mik first began looking for information about the Walbrzych Mausoleum online he found very little that related directly to the building and the immediate surroundings. Instead, he began exploring the surrounding landscape through Google Earth, allowing him to virtually ‘fly’ through and around the mountains of the region in three dimensions. Several specific glacial craters caught Mik’s attention, initially for the aesthetic qualities of the exposed granite rock that prompted him to begin working on a series of large watercolour paintings of the mountains. By using Google Earth, Mik was able to discover views of the landscape that would not have been achievable through exploring the region on foot. Thematic links to other parts of ‘Considering Silesia’ became apparent as Mik worked on the series: the granite rock that is widespread throughout this part of Silesia was quarried and used by the Nazis in the construction of the Walbrzych Mausoleum and many other building projects across the region.”
Rachel Graves, curator, Attenborough Arts Centre, University of Leicester