The proposed mural design examines a shared / collective memory that encompasses the man-made landscape & architecture, the geology of landscape, and the population whether inhabitant or visitor. The internal walls of the space provide the opportunity to produce three individual panels interlaced with a unified overall colour pallet. As a three movement concerto, themes and ideals are intertwined and woven throughout the mural.
Firstly a primer layer would be applied as a monochrome base, dividing each panel horizontally to create a black& white ‘landscape’, with the centre panel reversed. This takes references from the local white chalk / black flint & dark bedrock beneath the chalk layer, night & day, also the flint faced walls & buildings.

Panel 3 (6x1.8m) examines links to both flint boulders and the chalk landscape, by means of large rock outline contour-like structural drawings, combined with actual contour map drawings of local landscape features, including Dover Castle and the Western Heights.
Panel 2 (9x1.8m) is painted with a geometric arrow pattern; lower half in one direction, with direction of the upper half reversed; representative of the constant ebb and flow of tides and a positive view of a population always in a state of flux. Some arrows also contain printed poetry submissions from the project. Words from different languages celebrate the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of Dover residents, since pre-Roman, Roman, Saxon, Norman, and modern times.
Panel 1 (9x1.8m) represents collaboration with a meeting of hands, and a vertical flow of arrows representing ideas / voices / visitors & future collaborations. Words of greeting represent the voices of both visitors and inhabitants.