TSBAIIF…* is a remixed presentation, and UK debut of the collaborative ‘artist moving image’ ‘I love Dresden, Dresden Love Me!’** as a multipart sculptural installation. The artist presents an audio-visual set-up that looks ‘future-past’, cryptic and theatrical, the work explores a sense of ‘confused aspiration’, ‘modes of interpretation’ and ‘loss in translation’.

**The moving image work was the result of an elaborate four-day collaboration with two Dresden based artists/musician’s Theo Huber, Maria Schwedtner and the spirit of Otto Dix.

Medium: mixed-media; Oak Veneered Plinth, late 1920s Bentwood Carver Bistro Chair, 1920’s Vintage Headphones & 21st Century Adaptor, Black Shagpile Rug, LED Monitor, Neon Paper Laminate, Brass Rivet, Neon Cord, Armitage Shanks USB Drive.

Dimensions: 130cm x 160cm (floor area), Height 130cm