2019 sees the re-examination of my retired alter ego Robin Nature-Bold, a punkster/prankstar wanna be shock artist, fudging his deluded work as a homage to the legacy of the yBa's now oBa's, half tongue in cheek half commentary on the whimsical fashion of contemporary art, he seeks to plunder its constructed histories/mythology - looking for the quirks and distasteful.

Here sees a new portrait of Picasso with male flaccid genitals (life drawing of authors own) for a nose, a liquid chalk drawing on a treated blackboard paint Taschen book of Magritte. It plays upon the Belgium surrealist René Magritte 'The Philosopher's Lamp' and 'The Rape', but more importantly it references when "...Magritte made a living during the Nazi occupation of Belgium by forging Picassos and Renoirs. Fellow artist Marcel Mariën would sell them on to private collectors." Though as Picasso said himself (apparently) "good artists copy, great artists steal."

Ref: [https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/news/its-so-surreal-the-artist-who-forged-himself-2296526.html]