A diptych of chairs one titled patient (green) the other doctor (red), 1940's traditionally upholstered cocktail chairs by Simon from Reloved see: http://www.relovedupholstery.co.uk/2015/06/29/reloved-upholstery-kleckztale-original-vintage-cocktail-chairs/

The fabric pattern covering (produced in collaboration with Panaz) the chairs - stem from a series of performative-paintings that I title 'text-Rorschach' here I hand dripped the names of artists who have/had suffered from mental issues directly onto archive paper, before employing the blotto technique, a selection feature as part of the design.

The original show for the fabric was 'Voce Della Yab-Yum (voice of Mother & Father)' and was shown at CCCA commissioned by Pod Collective, Coventry, UK. For details: http://www.fargovillage.co.uk/event/voce-della-yab-yum/

The 'Kleckztale Chairs' where the centre pieces for my contribution to the 'Fabrications' exhibition at the Furniture Makers Guild, London, UK.

For a review of the exhibition please visit: https://www.a-n.co.uk/reviews/fabrications