I was comissioned to talk as part of AA2A's Five pre-recorded video talks, which are tailored for creative students and graduates from AA2A host Unis and Colleges. Each 45 minute video features an AA2A artist or designer-maker talking about their post graduation experiences, with supporting information provided through information screens, website listings, etc. Students and graduates will also have access to three videos on self-employment

Ref: https://aa2a.biz/colleges_menu/artists-talks

Copyright and licensing - Celia Smith, Trina Dalziel and Mike Chavez-Dawson (now available)
Details to follow

Terms and conditions

These videos are only available as part of a package purchased from AA2A
They can be accessed from any password protected area of the host institution's VLE
Videos are protected by Copyright and a licence agreement outlining permitted use
AA2A will assist HEIs to fulfil subtitling requirements but this remains their responsibility