Approved: 15.07.2011

Mike Chavez-Dawson

Artist, Consultant, Curator, Lecturer / academic, Project manager

Approved: 15.07.2011

Mike Chavez-Dawson is an artist-curator based at Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester, UK.

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        Artist Statement

        Mike Chavez-Dawson is an artist-curator based at Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester, UK.

        “As a conceptually-driven artist I present propositional works that are process-led, multi-part and interdisciplinary. I employ a dynamic that is playfully intuitive yet critically engaged. I tend to formulate an informed yet poetic dialogue between the works content, the modes of its production and the mediums provenance.

        “The historical weight of the materials, methods used, and collaborators involved in the production of my artworks are implicit and integral to its concept, such as; defunct rituals and pychoanalytical systems, reclaimed materials, lost craft, precious woods, cold-cast marble dust, papier-mâché, chalk boards, rugs/cut-carpet, replica fixings, textiles, tea/herbs, e-commerce, digital v analog, actors, musicians, hypnotists, chefs or spiritual mediums to name a few...

        “An increasing trait in my work sees us continually plundering ‘arts’ constructed mythologyies whilst being drawn to the esoteric, and the mania of the artistic process."

        Mike Chavez-Dawson, Rogue Artists’ Studios, 01/2021


        He was a longlisted for the 2017 Solo Award and shortlisted artist for the GM Art Prize 2016, comissioned artist for Fountain 17 as part of Hull Capital of Culture 2017, Open Submission Winner for the 2013 Emergency Arts festival, longlisted for the Open 100 proposals for Artangel’s ‘OPEN’ 2013 and the Open Submission Winner for the 2008 Whitstable Biennale.

        He has exhibited and performed at TATE Britain, Barbican, ICA, British Art Show 7 at Nottingham Contemporary, ZsONAMACO MÉXICO ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO 2017, Design Miami, Multiplied, LAF16, The Whitworth Art Gallery, HOME (Nee: Cornerhouse), Castlefield Gallery, Grundy Art Gallery, Summerhall, BAM, In-Situ, Harris Art Gallery & Museum, UNION, The Whitstable Biennale (2008).

        Chavez-Dawson has also undertaken various international shows and projects in New York, Sans Francisco, Miami, Mexico City, Rome, Lisbon, Lahore, Seoul, Helsinki, Edinburgh and Dresden.


        CV & Education



        Art Prizes / Open Calls:

        • 2019 Open Submission Selected Artist, Micro, Air Gallery, Altrincham, GM, UK
        • 2018 Aesthetica Art Prize – Round Two Artist
        • 2017 Solo Award 2017 – Longlisted Artist
        • 2016 GM Art Prize 2016 – Shortlisted Artist
        • 2013 Open Submission Winner, Emergency, Blankspace, Manchester, UK
        • 2013 ‘Beyond the Medium, A Rake’s Dream…’, The Open 100 (Artangel ‘OPEN’)
        • 2008 Open Submission Winner, Whitstable Biennale '08, Whitstable, Kent, UK


        Select Solo Shows / Projects:

        • 2020 'PAREIDOLIC DRAWINGS PART 1', The Stare Well Gallery, Manchester, UK
        • 2017 to 2018  ‘FOUNTAIN, fountain…’ Bury Art Museum, Bury, UK 
        • 2015 to 2016 ‘POTENT PROPOSITION’ UNION gallery, London, UK
        • 2015 ‘VOCE DELLA YAB_YUM’ CCCA, Fargo Village, Coventry, UK
        • 2014 ‘ReMIXed EchoES: Voices of Chester v1’ CASC, Chester, UK
        • 2010 ‘Apophatic Pareidolia is a condition…’ BEARSPACE, London, UK
        • 2008 'The Remarkable Apperception, (Heykll & Jybe)', Embassy, Edinburgh, Scotland


        Art Fairs:

        • 2018 Design Miami, showing with the Louisa Guinness gallery, Miami, USA
        • 2017 Design Miami, showing with the Louisa Guinness gallery, Miami, USA
        • 2017 The Manchester Contemporary with Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, UK
        • 2016 Design Miami/Basel, showing with the Louisa Guinness gallery, Miami, USA
        • 2016 The Manchester Contemporary, with Rogue Project Space, Manchester, UK
        • 2016 London Art Fair, showing with the UNION gallery, London, UK
        • 2015 Manchester Contemporary, showing with the Grundy gallery, Manchester, UK
        • 2014 Multiplied, showing with the Paul Stolper gallery, London, UK
        • 2013 Design Miami, showing with the Louisa Guinness gallery, Miami, USA


        Select Collections:

        • Public: Manchester Art Gallery, Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre, Collective//Pod and Castlefield Gallery.    
        • Private: Sir Anish Kapoor, Gabriela Palmieri, Frank Cohen, Dr Marios Pierides, Dr Reginald Khawar, Daniel Jabreel and Neil Thomas MBE.


        Select Group Shows:

        • 2019 ‘All Work and All Play’, Air Gallery, Manchester, UK
        • 2019 ‘Manifesto’, [curated by Manifest] Rogue Project Space, Manchester, UK
        • 2018 'Provenance', PRESENT/DISPLAY, Rogue Artists Studios, Manchester, UK 
        • 2018 'Angle-See Part 1', House of the Sea Bird, Anglesey, WALES
        • 2018 'ICONICA' Private Show Room, London, UK [Curated by Dr Pierides] 
        • 2017 'Is Seeing Believing? Part One, Saul Hay Fine Art, Manchester, UK
        • 2017 'FOUNTAIN 17', ELEVEN GALLERY, Hull, UK
        • 2016 'The Cat Show', Paper Gallery, Salford, UK
        • 2016 ‘ROGUE 21’ Waterside Arts Centre, [Curated by Kelda Savage] Sale, UK
        • 2015 'Toys (Are Us)' The Crypt Gallery (St Pancras), [Curated by Kosha Hussain and co-curated by Chloé Dall’Olio] London, UK
        • 2015 'TOTAL RECALL' Bury Art Museum, Bury, UK
        • 2015 'FABRICATIONS' The Furniture Makers Hall, London, UK
        • 2014 'Light Touch' Northlight Mills, Brierfield, UK
        • 2014 'DRAWING POSSIBILITIES' The Studios, Newmills, Yorkshire, UK
        • 2014 'MEMBERS SHOW' Mexico Projects, Leeds, UK
        • 2013 - 2014 'THE DARKWOULD; LANGUAGE ART EXHIBITION, Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland
        • 2013 School of Arts VOL. III, HfBK Dresden Academy of Art, Dresden, Germany
        • 2012 Austerity Xmas BOGOF, WW Gallery, Hackney, London, UK
        • 2012 'SIXTY DRAWINGS', BANKLEY Studios & Gallery, Manchester, UK
        • 2011 MEMORY FLASH, Carter Presents..., London, UK
        • 2011 Re-Covering, Object / A, Manchester, UK
        • 2011 Unrealised Potential, VOID Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland
        • 2010 Unrealised Potential, NGCA, Sunderland, UK
        • 2010 Unrealised Potential, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK


        Select Live Art / Performance:

        • 2018 ‘Remixed Robin Performs The Spirit of Davy Jones’, Rogue Performance Space, UK
        • 2017 ‘Unveiling Duchamp's Ring' with Ruby Tingle, Manchester Art Gallery, Mcr, UK
        • 2017 ‘Return of Robin Nature-Bold’ CLUB BIG, as part of John Hyatt’s ROCK ART, HOME, Mcr, UK
        • 2015 'DIZYGOTIC LUMARI’S: Unearthing the Lite Pool Dadaists Part 1', Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, UK
        • 2013 'OUTSIDE INN, CRIME SING' Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, UK
        • 2012 'Re-Carrying The Frame, Part 1', Cornerhouse, MIRIAD, International 3, Malgras Nudet, Rogue Project Space, Castlefiled Gallery, LDP, Manchester, UK
        • 2012 'Reworked' [Live Drawing Performance], Contemporary Six - The Gallery, Manchester
        • 2011 'Inter-Textual-Ventions Part 2' and 'Post-Medium Postulation', Leeds Project Space, Leeds, UK
        • 2011 'Notational Portrait(s) Performance Fig.1 Billy Childish, 18032011', Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
        • 2010 The Night of the Comet (Live Event), British Art Show 7, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
        • 2010 Re-Motive View(s), The Surreal House, Barbican Art Gallery, London
        • 2009 Title Murdered, Storey Gallery, Lancaster
        • 2009 'Selling the Psycho-Geographical Breakdown', Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
        • 2009 'A bANdA dA' (Altermodern: Tate Triennial 2009, Shezad Dawood Selects for Late at Tate Britain), TATE Britain, London
        • 2008 The Mind Projected Cinema, Whitstable Biennale, Whitstable, Kent, UK


        Select Curated Shows:

        ·       **Curated, *Co-curated

        • 2017 - 2018 ‘FOUNTAIN, fountain…’ [Bury Art Museum confirmed for September 2017 other Venues Embargoed], Touring UK, Europe & US*
        • 2016 David Gledhill solo project 'McCarthyism', Chester Contemporary, Chester, UK** 
        • 2015 - 2016 • ‘POTENT PROPOSITION’, UNION Gallery, London, UK*
        • 2015  ‘Fabrications’, The Furniture Makers Hall, London, UK*
        • 2015  ‘reMIXed echoES: Voices of Chester v1, 2015’ (R&D), CASC, University of Chester, UK**
        • 2015 ‘VOCE DELLA YUB-YAM’ (Commission), Coventry Centre of Contemporary Art, FARGO Village Coventry; The Pod; CV1 large screens, Millennium Place, UK*
        • 2013 neo: Art Prize 2013, neo: Bolton, UK** 
        • 2012 David Shrigley solo project 'HOW ARE YOU FEELING?', Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK**
        • 2011 Magda Archer: Crazy Mad, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK**
        • 2011 Re-Covering and The Reading, Object / A (nee: Untilted Gallery), Manchester, UK**
        • 2011 Unrealised Potential, VOID, Derry, Ireland**
        • 2010 - 2011 Unrealised Potential, NGCA, Sunderland, UK**
        • 2010 Unrealised Potential, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK**
        • 2009 The Kiss of a Lifetime (Part 2), VANE (As part of the Northern Print Biennale), Newcastle, UK**



        • 2019 Avery House, Gary McClarnan’s ‘KinAura Project’, Manchester, UK
        • 2014 In-Res 06, In-Situ (working with Mid-Pennies Arts), Brierfield, UK 
        • 2012 Lionel Dobie Project Residency, LDP, Manchester, UK
        • 2009 AA2A, Manchester School of Art, Manchester, UK
        • 2007 – 2008 Artists Residency, Embassy, Edinburgh, Scotland


        Corporate Commissions:

        • 2020 Consultant, AA2A Employability Talks Online Resource, UK
        • 2019 Avery House, Gary McClarnan’s ‘KinAura Project’, Manchester, UK
        • 2016 Portrait of José Mourinho (Time Warner Group), Bleach Report, UK
        • 2009 50 Years of Ellesse (Pentland Group), Chiostro, Rome, Italy**
        • 2007 80 Years of Speedo Swimwear (Pentland Group), URBIS (Manchester Square), Manchester, UK and toured to Bejing Olympics ’08, China*


        Select Artist Talks:

        • 2019 Manifest Calling (‘The rise, fall and rebirth of Robin Nature-Bold’ ), MAG, UK
        • 2018 IN-CONVERSATION (with David Gledhill), BAM, Bury, UK
        • 2017 Alter-Egos, Blue Coat Gallery, Liverpool, UK
        • 2015, 2016 THE ARTIST AS PRODUCER, CASC, Chester, UK
        • 2014 Not At This Address 2: International Panel Discussion, BAM, Bury, UK
        • 2013 Art Opens, Arthouse, Wakefield, UK
        • 2012 Placing the Artist: Questioning the value of artist residencies, Chinese Art Centre, Manchester, UK
        • 2011 'Inter-Textual-Ventions Part 1', Islington Mill, Salford, UK



        • 2017 'ManifesTea', Manchester Craft Centre (& Multiple Sites tbc), UK
        • 2016 ‘Design for Life, Recipes – Tastes of Sustainability’, John Ruskin’s Home Brantwood House, Coniston Water, Lake District, UK
        • 2015 'Manifest Sorbert', Manifest Arts Festival, Manchester, UK
        • 2013 'The Specter of Derrida' for 'Rule of 3', Islington Mill, Salford, UK



        • 2017 Art as Jewelry (ACC Art Books)
        • 2017 FOUNTAIN, fountain... Voll 1: Nebulous Origins, (Apple Pie Editions)
        • 2017 FOUNTAIN '17 (Northstar)
        • 2016 McCarthyism, (Apple Pie Editions)
        • 2013 THE DARK WOULD: Language Art Anthology, (Apple Pie Editions)
        • 2011 Magda Archer: Crazy Mad, (Cornerhouse & Polite Publishing)
        • 2010 Unrealised Potential Newspaper, (Modula Extension Plans), (Cornerhouse & BAM)


        Private Commissions:

        • 2017 ‘Friday 13th Wedding (Dr. Pierides & Helen)’, Asia House, London, UK
        • 2016 – 2017 ‘Silhouette Family Portraits’, Dr. Khawar, Chorlton, Manchester, UK


        Select Intervention:

        • 2009 ‘ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION (THE ALCHEMIC MISERS TOUCH)’, London Art Fair 2009, Business Design Centre, London



        • 2020 to 2022 BAS ACE Mcr Steering Group Member, Manchester, UK
        • 2020 to present, Visionary Shaman, About Now Ltd, Manchester & London, UK
        • 2017 to present Associate Lecturer (Dept of Art & Design), Salford University, UK
        • 2016 to present Consultant PAPER Gallery, Salford, UK
        • 2014 to 2016 Visiting Lecturer (Department of Art & Design), Chester University, UK
        • 2013 Judge & Curator for neo:artprize 2013, neo:, Bolton, UK
        • 2005 to 2010 Art Publisher & Curator, POLITE Company, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
        • 1996 to 2007 Visual Arts Editor & FLUX SPACE Curator, FLUX Magazine, Manchester, UK



        • 2019 PhD BY PRACTICE (‘Investigating the borders between performance and documentation from a contemporary visual art perspective’) MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art MMU, UK (Part-time currently suspended until 2022)
        • 1999 MA ART AS ENVIRONMENT Manchester School of Art MMU, UK (Part-time)
        • 1997 BA (HONS) INTERACTIVE ARTS Manchester School of Art MMU, (Full-time)


        Web-links Select Past Press: