Location: Sprout Arts, 74 Moyser Road, Streatham, London SW16 6SQ

‘Covid Diaries: A Celebration of Life Under Lockdown”.
Artist Michelle Baharier brings Lockdown to life at her Solo Exhibition at
Sprout Arts, 74 Moyser Rd, London SW16 6SQ - in the Furzedown area

Open from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 November, 2021 -11 am- 5 pm
Private view Tuesday 23 November 6:30 - 8:30pm 
Bring a Covid Poem to read on Saturday 27 November (4-6pm)

Critically acclaimed multidisciplinary artist, poet and Slade alumni Michelle Baharier is displaying work inspired by her own experience of the Pandemic.  COVID Diaries presents one artist’s perspective - a snapshot in time of the unknown.

Michelle’s partner was hospitalised from COVID before the first lockdown and she was forced to quarantine. Faced with her partner’s severe illness, her own precarious mental health, a broken washing machine & leaking sink that no plumber would attend to, Michelle kept herself grounded by recording her experience with digital drawing, painting, photography, and by keeping a daily diary. 

 Michelle’s work expertly brings the human condition to light, letting our emotions flow with her bold use of palette and texture, reflecting our shared experience back at us. 

The show includes commissioned portraits of artist Penny Pepper, actress & activist Liz Carr, disabled journalist & editor of the Disability News Service John Pring, disability rights campaigner and member of the House of Lords Baroness Jane Campbell, and live art, performance and video artist Katherine Araniello.

During her week at the gallery, Michelle will be working on handmade limited editions of her diary from March 2020 as the gallery will give her space, time & opportunity to explore her photos & drawings, collecting them into the first of many book-pieces. 

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