A selection of strange and beautiful, award-winning experimental short films curated by Michaela Freeman.

A London debut of Last Friday Shorts, an experimental film night which has ran at TAP Gallery in Southend since 2009.

Electrify your senses with a night of unexpected audio-visual experience!

See a surreal play with plugs, a dead-beat alcoholic with a free and easy spirit, a man turn into a pile of sugar, another with a heartbreak, a collection of monotonous domestic rituals, a funny tale of procrastination, and a short hallucinatory tale of consumption, sorrow and redemption.

Find out why a timid insurance clerk named Ike is our only hope of convincing God to halt the impending apocalypse, what are practicalities of reincarnation, what can an old apple tree tell us, why we should see the Planet Earth as one single organism, and how doing something long enough can drive you crazy.