of flour and Earth is a screen-based triptych performance with/for Eole (15mo at the time). This performance explores the queer use of domestic materials as performative tools to initiate counter-hegemonic ways to hold conversations touching upon race, gender, and care with a young human being. I am referencing Sara Ahmed (2019), Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (2012) and Donna J Haraway (2016). I grew up in the suburbs of Paris (95) - In silence this piece echoes the labour of Black womxn and men in my lineage in terms of childcare, domestic work, and activism behind closed doors to decolonising our palates and the palpable. of flour and Earth also interrogates the shortage of flour during COVID-19 pandemic and the (im)possibility to grow roots for postcolonial bodies living in predominantly white spaces. It is made of multiple assemblages and (re)negotiations with bodies and things to be able to be, breath and perform - again (and again). I would like to give thanks to Talking Birds that supported Eole and I home-based residency - time when we made this of flour and Earth.