At the end of the performance a 16yo participant asked me if I was making this performance for the university. I replied that I was making it for her - she looked puzzled. Celebrating someone's birthday is a site-specific performance for volunteers at Foleshill community Centre, in Coventry. A birthday cake donated by a supermarket with someone's name on it / the centre's visitors book with entries from 1963 to 1999/ emptied fruit containers out of which we prepared 150 bags for members / and us made the performance. It was a moment to lay/lie down on the ground for the first time after giving time and energies in this space for 3-4 months. It was the moment to reflect on our positionalities. It was a moment to be together - otherwise. It was a moment to appreciate being in a space carrying multiple stories. We put down our names as visitors 21 years after the first entry. It transformed our relationships to body, thing, and space.