Approved: 01.07.2020

melissandre varin

Artist, Community worker, Film-maker, Researcher

Approved: 01.07.2020

melissandre varin are an independant artist-researcher who use their identities as a Black non-binary co-parent to find, make and collect fractal routes towards knowledge creation and sharing.

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Artist Statement

melissandre varin are an independant artist-researcher who use their identities as a Black non-binary co-parent to find, make and collect fractal routes towards knowledge creation and sharing.

melissandre most frequently use performance arts, moving images, installations and poetry to contribute in decolonising spaces by creating new assemblages of body/thing/space to address power imbalances.

They have recently been commissioned by Coventry Biennial, Slanguages, Fuel, Don’t Settle, Coventry Pride. melissandre is currently a trustee for Coventry Artspace.

melissandre recently left the Universities of Warwick and Luxembourg to continue research, making, and caring away from the institution. Before undertaking their PhD studies they studied at UCL in Environment and Sustainable development. 

I currently work on the following collaborations:

  • Building.Our.Own.Knowledge. (B.O.O.K)is a radical reclamation of creativity and/in public space. Exploring beyond the boundaries of white supremacist cis-heteropatriarchal imagination, we, co-assemblers, can interrogate, challenge, and subvert what it means to co-habit, co-learn, and co-create. B.O.O.K evolves through radical sharing, caring, and disrupting in a non-extractive way by using and developing decolonising collective mechanisms for reinventing the everyday as a political space for collective healing and liberation.

  • Co-performance maker for Papaya with artist and community organiser Jennifer Lopes Santos, choreographerGeorges Maikel Pires Monteiro and musical storyteller Eric Foy. Papaya is an artist-activist-led afrofeminist intervention exploring artistic collaboration as a way to protest against anti-Blackness in Europe. Our labour de-compose gendered racism as we elevate the words/movements/existence of one another across borders, extending a fil rouge (red thread) between the UK city of culture 2021 and the European capital of culture 2022. 
  • Assembler for in-between-us collective:  an artist collective committed to radical care, threading works in progress, performing a conversation to disrupt the undervalued labour of process. Composed of six Coventry-based artists with an eclectic range of practices, In-between-us collective draws on the space between our stories to create a transparent dialogue. 

I am an Outside In Featured Artist Middlands Hub Microsite until December 2020 and the recipient of Artspace in Action award and an artist in residence supported by Coventry Artspace.

CV & Education


2018- 2020 PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies and Language Sciences

The Universities of Warwick and Luxembourg

2015- 2016 Master in Environment and Sustainable Development

UCL Development Planning Unit

2011-2015 Bachelor in International Management 

Toulouse Business School


Art residency

04-05 2020 with Eole, Talking Birds, Coventry, UK


Selected audio-visual, performances

2020 Out of order please do not use, The University of Warwick, UK

2020 of flour and Earth, home-based, Coventry, UK

2020 Standing by the door, Coventry, UK

2019 Un brouillon et des ratures, Luxembourg, Luxembourg



2020 DO IT YOURSELF, Text based mails on performance, Coventry Biennial, Coventry, UK

2020 #BlackLivesMatter, screen-based performance, Slanguages, FUEL, and Don't Settle, UK

2020 Uninterrupted forms of resistance, screen-based performance,Coventry Pride, Coventry UK


Embodied essays

2020 Freezing elements of research, Coventry UK

2019 Framing/ Refraining fragmentation, Luxembourg, Luxembourg 


Performative interventions

2019 Black Feminist Workshop, poetry and home movie, CID Fraen Gender, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

2019 Presentation of Framing/Reframing fragmentation, CID Fraen Gender, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Film screening

2019 Presentation of Framing/Reframing fragmentation, PaR lab (Practice as research laboratory) at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

2020 Black Kinky Hair, Change your Style, organised by WARSOC, WASS, BWP, and WORDSOC at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK



Black Lives and their pluriversal ways of expression Matter, CID Fraen Gender, Luxembourg, Luxembourg



2020 Rapport au corps, SlagMag, UK

2020 my plot, my rules, The Garden Zine, Coventry UK

2020 of flour and Earth, Performance with 15 mo Eole, Collectif24, digitally-based afro-carribbean collective

2020 Breath, Be, Perform, visual arts, The Criposium, UK

2020 Making nearby, Occupying the in-between, UK

2020 When does the rainbow stop? Gertrude Zine #2, Coventry UK

2020 Collage, Mothers Who Make Zine #1, Coventry, UK



Black non-binary co-parent

Trustee, Coventry artspace