Matthew Herring


Approved: 25.08.2011

For me artistic practice is scratching an itch and hence very hard to write honestly about (but I've tried). I've been thinking recently about the idea of negative space – the space between things – and how what you are after as an artist is often what slips between things and eludes you. A lot of the time, I think my practice is about constantly saying 'not this, not that'.  Certain images have preoccupied me – for instance the river – and all I really do is scratch that particular itch in the hope that it will yield up some sort of an answer, but it may turn out in the end to be no more than a metaphor for what I've failed to put my finger on. I hope so, anyway. Rivers can go backwards, and there's a sense of wanting to trace things back to a source of some sort.  

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