Location: Dungeness Open Studios, Marina, Dungeness Road, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 9ND

UK Cardboarders’ Collective will unveil their latest works at Dungeness Open Studios
from 8th to 14th July (part one) and 16th to 22nd July (part two).
Dungeness Open Studios is delighted to be hosting a group of fine artists from all over the UK to celebrate the creation of radical cardboard artworks made during the lockdown periods.

Paddy Hamilton (exhibitor) explains:
During the endless days of lockdown, I noticed three things:
The house was filled with packaging.
Art materials were becoming relatively more expensive.
The need to carry on conjuring up work as before seemed unnecessary.
I thought: What is it that surrounds me? Then decided to embrace that which I had in abundance: cardboard. Other artists became inspired (through seeing this on social media) to playfully embrace this medium, which directly led to the idea of forming a loose collective united by cardboard.

Artists (including fine art painters, photographers and sculptors) are:
Andrew Ashton (curator), Marc Christmas, Fraser Donachie, Helen Gillilan, Paddy Hamilton, Martin Heron, Andrew Revell, Matt Rowe and Bridget Wilkins.

Andrew Ashton (curator) says:
“Cardboard has been around for nearly two hundred years. Many well-known artists in history have been attracted to cardboard as an art material including Toulouse Lautrec, Pablo Picasso and Robert Rauschenberg. As a material it is free, multi-textured and flexible and easy to cut and shape. Cardboard often features interesting graphics. We hope to show in this exhibition how artists are attracted to cardboard as an inspiring and creative material.”


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