Maisie Pritchard’s practice is concerned with the impracticalities existing within architectural design methods implemented within the urban environment, that tend to deter the public from using street furniture. Feeling especially ardent about socio-political issues such as the UK’s current housing crisis, privatisation and community, she is influenced by the ever-changing urban environment. By initiating interventions concerned with social sculpture, she aims to create works that are playful yet accessible in order to colonise the city with bespoke furniture. She considers other ways of approaching privately-owned spaces by merging social sculpture and gardening to install unwelcome objects such as planters. The act of giving works to the public is important to Pritchard as it is a contribution to the specific environment that she is working within, a sigh of relief follows when works are no longer her property. She intends to enliven corporate spaces, reclaim what is ours and defy rules of social behaviour. After all, these should be our public spaces.