Here I have left a plywood planter pot, there are four in which I have placed in three other settlements throughout the Lake District. They may sit upon your windowsill, doorstep or any form of ledge. Consider them a gift, they are not perfect prototypes, but please use them accordingly…

o Line your pot with any sort of lining to protect the wood
o Insert gravel or some form of weight to the top section of your pot, this will ensure your pot sits
sturdily on your windowsill/doorstep/ledge
o Insert some gravel in the bottom of the pot for drainage
o Fill with soil and plant of your choice
o Enjoy your planter pot

These small prototypes are the beginning of a new series of works. Initiating interventions through social sculpture, I aim to create works that are meaningful, playful and accessible in order to colonise the city with bespoke furniture. My works derive from ideas of social engagement and community well-being, whilst questioning the relationship between art and regeneration. The act of giving works to the public is important as it is a contribution to the specific environment that I am working within, a sigh of relief follows when works are no longer my property.