Location: Magdalen Road Studios

The exhibition takes its title from a new work, an evolving sculptural installation exploring longing, desire and female identity. ‘ I wish my hair as long as yours’ incorporating the found fishing nets and family textiles. This work also takes inspiration from a particular historical Indian miniature painting, entitled ‘Krishna and the cowgirls’ clothes’. It shows some women with long hair bathing in a lily pond, they all have long hair dripping wet, and are comparing the length of each other’s hair, before they realize that Lord Krishna has stolen all their clothes which he has hung neatly on a branch overlooking the pond. The textiles at the top of the unravelled netting are a reference to the clothes of these bathers, hence incorporating this particular aspect of the story.

The accompanying works also made predominantly from found materials and objects also explore gender, ambition and migration. Kicked the bucket another work in the exhibition is a sculpture made from found wood, found broken bucket and a found and adorned plastic ball made to represent genitalia. This work is a reference to death as well as considering a more literal interpretation.

'Somewhere else’ is the accompanying essay written by Stephanie Straine, Curator of Exhibitions and Projects, Modern Art Oxford

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