This installation was part of 'Zero Gravity; A Landing' 2022 which took place at Milton Farm in The East Sussex Countryside. Curated and organised by 'The Occasionnale'.

"The Occasionale is envisioned as a series of events exploring means of support, and exhibition
making as a system for community building.
Imagine you are falling, but there is no ground....
.....The site of Zero Gravity was opened up to attracting works, which in turn form their own orbits."

“Walking back towards the main site is a building, a dilapidated old barn from the outside, where
the interior walls are made from doors, suggesting a portal to many different worlds. Threaded
and braced just above the soft dirt floor is Lucy Brown’s Since I fell for you. This
body of matter has been through many iterations: clothes collected from charity shops are taken
back to Brown’s huge web of a loom and picked apart and reconstructed into newly woven
forms, enfolding and bound by narratives of her daily life. The work becomes the agent of its
own support, obsessively hand tied to the beams by myriad threads.”

Extract from Zero Gravity: A Landing. 2022 The Occasionale.

Image 1 & 2 photo credit - Angelo Plantamura