Pure unperfumed soap, hair.

Installed on the gallery window sill and on white tiled shelves "Pourings" quietly sat alongide the larger sculpture “it’s what’s inside”. “Pourings” draw on the gallery space’s previous history as toilet cubicles entwining soap with human hair.

“it’s what’s inside” - A collaborative artist project and new work exhibition which resulted in a new artist identity named lucybrownsarahpager. The new work was presented in Gallery DODO which is situated off the south stairway in Phoenix Art Space, Brighton. UK. It is artist-led and run on a voluntary basis by collaborative duo Jon Carritt and Dan Palmer. Gallery DODO is hosted in a space which was formally toilet cubicles.

The supporting exhibition essay – ‘What Counts for Pager and Brown?’ was written by Independent writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent.