Bit of Skirt is from the Offerings series of Woven Anti-Form Works exploring femaleness, her body and time making. The material meanings and process are critical in these works. Made between two spaces, one private; the Artists Studio, and the other in full view of the public; the Gallery Space. Bit of Skirt re-works areas of the skirt, under skirts, hems; its all about the legs, into silver grey ribbons, pinned and re-suspended she offers herself to you …. Bit of Skirt was finally completed on site at R Space Gallery, Lisburn Northern Ireland during ‘Offerings’ Solo Exhibition 2018.
Materials; Vintage& second-hand 1950’s ball gowns, dresses and petticoat slips. Satin Ribbon. Dressmaking pins. Steel tacks
Installation view. Offerings’ Solo Exhibition 2018. R-Space Gallery. Northern Ireland.
Photographers credit; Simon Mills 2018©