Approved: 09.09.2021

Lucy Bevin

Artist, Film-maker, Maker

Approved: 09.09.2021

Lucy Bevin

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Artist Statement

Lucy Bevin

Statement about Work 


My current work incorporates film, drawing, sculpture and installation, it explores the relationship between the body and the home. We experience place through our bodies, the feel and sense of the body, its bearing and its relationship to other bodies, things and objects dictates how the home is arranged and experienced.


When we inhabit a place we move around that space performing the rituals and habits of living and dwelling there so that the home becomes a part of us, its familiarity strengthens our sense of ourselves, we remember the height of the light switch, the orientation of the spaces, the feel of the place. We can remember our bodies in that space.


We experience the home in different ways, by physically inhabiting the space through touch and movement and by leaving physical traces of our bodies within the walls. We also experience the home through the phenomenology of memory, familiarity, feelings and emotions. The dwelling place, the house, can therefore have meaning and take on a life of its own.


Through the use of scale models and by making different versions of a room the work explores the Uncanny. As the body changes, the function of the home may also change, its boundaries becoming fragile therefore the concept of the body in process and the unending quality of the home allows it a certain power because of the accumulated histories of its inhabitants whose traces are left within its walls. 


The work explores boundaries and threshold spaces using wallpaper and hidden spaces. A combination of domestic objects and sculptural pieces are used as triggers initiating a train of thought allowing the viewer to step into the spaces in between the objects encouraging encounters with them and with the space they inhabit. 


CV & Education

Lucy Bevin 





BA Hons Fine Art Liverpool Art College (now John Moores University)

Post Graduate Diploma in film and TV Production Design Kingston University

MA Fine Art UCA Farnham 2021



Sept 2021 Alt-terior Group Show Curated by Surrey Galleries Farnham. 

July 2021 Forgotten Thought  Group Show at Safehouse 1 London.

June 2021 Unsettled Focus  Group Show at Gallery 17 South Molton Street

March 2021 Beyond The Boundaries Group Show Curated by Surrey Galleries Farnham.

July/August 2021 This Volatile State Curated by Fragility of Self On-Line Show

July 2021 Distanced Domestic  at MK11 Gallery(The Old Dairy Hall) London E5.

April 2021 The Expanded Line  Curated by Haus-a-Rest On- Line Show

Feb 2021 The Sky Has No Surface Curated by Artist/Curator Catherine McCaw-Aldworth On-Line Show

Dec 2020 Facing It Curated by Fragility of Self On-Line Show

Nov 2020 Nothing New Work by Three Artists At UCA Farnham Pop Up Show

Sept 2020 Out of Isolation Group Show Curated by Surrey Galleries Farnham

March 2020 Unsettling Focus Group Show Curated by Surrey Galleries Farnham On-Line Show

Dec 2019 Objections Group Show curated by MA Art Students Linear Galley Farnham

1982 Northern Young Contemporaries Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester

1983 Bluecoat Invitational-9 Artists on Merseyside Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool

1983 Women’s Work Hope Street Gallery Liverpool Art College.

1985 New Art Rochdale Art Gallery

1986 Small Works Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool







Jan 2021 Undertowprojects Initiated on-line platform for Artists including undergraduate and MA Students to showcase their work 

Feb 2021 Undertowprojects Take-over week long artist on-line residency showing resolved and experimental work and processes.

March 2021 Undertowprojects  Live Artists conversations undertaken on two occasions on Undertowprojects Instagram platform.

Artist Talk, filmed interview showing on Co. Curation’s website in conjunction with Distanced Domestic.

Member of Splynta Collective